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About Us

EuroClimateJobs is a recruitment medium for international energy experts.

  • It is easy to submit job ads to EuroClimateJobs, and basic listings are usually free
  • We have great options for quick hiring, multiple jobs and general public profiling

EuroClimateJobs collect and display European energy jobs, otherwise scattered on multiple websites which are normally hard to find. EuroClimateJobs provide this service for well-educated energy professionals who want to work in energy in Europe.

Our audience:

  • Native and fluent speakers of several European languages
    (able to perform in English)
  • Willing to relocate around Europe
  • Experienced expats who have lived in several countries
  • Employees with experience of energy

Why do we attract good candidates?

  • Because EuroClimateJobs is easy to use, fast and focused - our users can find all the information they need with one or two clicks
  • We have the best jobs first

Who We Are

Through professional experience over many years we know European recruitment market - which is why we have been able to create a pioneer service for a professional international energy audience.

EuroJobsites Limited, the owner of EuroClimateJobs.com, is registered as a UK Limited company, number 4694396.

Contact Us

  • Feedback is appreciated. Let us know your comments on the site.
  • We prefer to be in contact by email, to keep our costs low.
  • You can reach us at info@EuroClimateJobs.com.

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