Guide to Updating Your CV

  • Improve your chances of getting your ideal job
  • Use some of our tricks to present yourself better
  • You only get one chance so present yourself well

This guide will show you all you need to get your CV right and avoid obvious mistakes.


Grasp your target audience

  • Pass the first filter
  • From the recruiter's point of view
  • The cover letter
  • In summary

Classic tricks for CV design

  • Keep your CV short
  • Bullet points - the miracle cure
  • No errors
  • Avoid fancy designs and graphics
  • Layout your CV to prevent photocopy and fax chaos
  • Tone of communication
  • Contact Information
  • List quantifiable accomplishments
  • Covering letter must target the job role

Basic CV elements

  • Have a summary
  • Clean up your working experience
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Personal Information
  • Photo included?
  • More than just one CV
  • Max and min CV

CVs in the European jobmarket

  • Do you need to use a specified CV format?

10 Common Resume Mistakes - How to Stand Out as a Job Candidate

  • One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit All - Why Bespoke Resumes Succeed?
  • Headings - Why Layout Matters?
  • Pronouns - Why Personal Pronouns Better Highlight Work Experience...

2023 CV and Cover Letter Health Check

  • Why CVs in 2023 Will Need Keywords For a Digital World
  • Why Fewer Recruiters Are Reading Covering Letters and Why “Personal Statements” Provide a Digital Alternative to the Traditional Covering Letter?
  • Filters – Why 2023 Will Find You Loving Filters

Applying for Trade Association Roles - How to Stand Out

  • How to Leverage “Soft-Skills” and Personal Branding to Help Find The Perfect Trade Association Job?

Applying for Scientific or Engineering Roles - How to Stand Out

  • How to Leverage “Soft-Skills” and Personal Branding to Help Find the Perfect Science or Engineering Job?

NGO Candidate Jobseeker Guide - How To Match Your Skills and Experiences With NGO Recruitment Goals

  • The Big Picture- NGO Recruitment Trends in 2022
  • How Valuable Is Corporate Experience for NGOs?
  • Passion is Important - But Don’t Let That Get In The Way of Your Application!
  • Candidate Honesty - Tell the Truth About your Skills and Abilities


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