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Empowering Renewable Energy: A Dual Role at Galileo Green Energy

 Eduardo González Solá, Director of Business Development Iberia & Power Origination Europe, Galileo Green Energy

I have two roles at Galileo; business development and power origination. I was involved in business development back from when I started in renewables at EDF and I also had the...

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Navigating a Career in Carbon and Sustainability Management

 Jenny Olsson, Senior Manager Sustainability and Carbon NOJV at an International Energy Company

Within my company I focus on Carbon and Sustainability Management and it’s a subject which I have always been very passionate about. I am fortunate that I go to work...

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Transitioning from Account Management to Leading an Ethical FinTech Venture

 Emma Kisby, CEO of CoGo

As the UK CEO, I have grown the business significantly, both in revenue and the team. I have led out commercial partnerships with big financial institutions, including NatWest, on...

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Sustainable Energy Consulting for Multinational Renewable Energy Transformation

 Richard Bennett, Corporate Sales Consultant, at Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services

My role is to help multinational companies set renewable energy strategies and assist them in buying renewable energy in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. Companies are...

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Career Journey in Renewable Energy and Engineering Off-Grid Solar Solutions in Spain

 Simon Sharratt, Owner of Clear Sky Solar 

I am responsible for client meetings, system design and quotations, sourcing equipment and labour, as well as working with our team on-site installing systems...

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Exploring Radiochemistry: A Career Journey as a Higher Research Scientist

 Elsje van Es, Higher Research Scientist at Nuclear Metrology Group, National Physical Laboratory (NLP)

I am involved in many projects relating to industries that use radioactive elements. These industries include nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, environmental protection, and...

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